If you have problems sending SMS please check the following steps:

  • Is the firmware up to date? - Current firmware can be found on the documentation site https://docs.kentix.com/display/DO
  • The SIM card is inserted correctly - see Inserting a SIM Card
  • The GSM module is activated in the device configuration - see Setup Kentix360 SIM Card
  • The Kentix360 SIM is activated (only if the Kentix360 SIM is used) - see Setup Kentix360 SIM Card
  • The device is installed in a place where there is mobile radio or other devices have reception there
  • The GSM module displays "ready" in the configuration menu
    • If the device displays "Enter PUK", the card must be unlocked using the "Unlock SIM" button
    • If the device displays "Enter PIN1", the correct PIN must be entered in the relevant field
  • The SIM works in another device such as Smartphone
  • The provider is displayed in the configuration menu and in the dashboard at the reception bars

If the provider is displayed as "not determinable", switch the GSM module to inactive, save the settings and restart the device.
After the restart, switch the GSM module active again. The provider should now be displayed and SMS should be sent.
If the problem persists, disconnect the AlarmManager from the power supply for more than 30 minutes and then restart the device.