Art-No: KMS-TI-FS-B, KMS-TI-FS-RFID-B  Datasheet: SmartXcan

Basic Instructions

SmartXcan Guide

The Kentix SmartXcan is a device for contactless screening of groups of people for elevated temperature (fever). The measurement is carried out by an integrated thermal image sensor based on infrared technology to detect the naturally radiated heat of the skin surface of the face.

Kentix SmartXcan can select people with fever from fever-free people at entrances and exits in indoor environments, helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. By linking the SmartXcan to door or separation systems, automatic access authorisation or refusal of access can take place. By using various other sensors for position, distance and environmental conditions in addition to the infrared sensor technology, the SmartXcan enables a sufficiently accurate and fast derivation of the body core temperature by measuring the skin temperature in the area of the eyes and forehead.

Normal body temperature varies from person to person. For women, the value is on average slightly higher than for men. Overweight people also tend to have a higher temperature, whereas young people usually have a lower temperature than average. In addition, the body temperature drops while we sleep. If the average value today is between 35.7 and 37.3 degrees Celsius, everything is normal according to researchers at Stanford University. Because this range is relatively wide, the temperature at which someone has a fever also varies from person to person. Nevertheless, there is one guideline value: health authorities (e.g. the "US Center for Disease Control" US Department of Health and Human Services) assume a fever above 38 degrees Celsius.

The SmartXcan is not a medical thermometer. A medical examination is always necessary to determine the exact temperature. The device does not replace the measurement by a doctor.

SmartXcan front

  1. Temperature scale with 8x LED for temperature indication in four temperature ranges
    1. LEDs 1-5 light GREEN: Body temperature ok (36.5 °C to 37.4 °C)
      LEDs 1-6 light RED: Body temperature slightly elevated (37.5 °C to 38.0 °C)
      LEDs 1-7 light RED: slight fever (38.1 °C to 39 °C)
      LEDs 1-8 light RED: high fever (from 39.1 °C)
  2. LED ring for focusing the measuring display

    1. GREEN: Distance ok, Measurement successful

    2. ROTMeasuring distance too far

  3. Distance Sensor to determine the correct measuring distance
  4. Lens

SmartXcan back

  1. Reset button: Reset to factory settings
  2. Mounting bracket
  3. Serial number
  4. Default values (MAC)

SmartXcan connections

  1. Kentix System port
  2. Ethernet (PoE)
  3. SD-Card (max. 64 GB)

The SD card is pushed into the opening with the label facing upwards (towards the lens). If necessary, the SD card must be pushed in with a thin object until the card is locked in place!

Reset to factory defaults

Reset to factory settings

  1. Restart the device (disconnect power supply and reconnect it)
  2. After 40 seconds please press the RESET button (1) on the back of the device.
  3. Press and hold the button for 15-30 seconds until an acoustic feedback (BEEP) is given.
  4. The device is reset to factory settings and restarts.
  5. After approx. 60 seconds, the AlarmManager can be reached via the standard settings

All settings will be lost!