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What is the latest firmware for my Kentix product?

The compatibility of the firmware depends on the age of the devices.

Kentix ONE 8.x

For current devices, the latest version of Kentix ONE (versions from 8.x.x) is available on the download page.

Pay attention to the serial number of the device and the production date contained therein:


The digits a and b represent the year of production, with the numbers rotated.
a=1, b=2
12 rotated gives 21
This device is from the year 2021.

The same is true for x and y.
x=1, y=0
Results in 10, rotated= 01.
This device was therefore produced in January of the year 2021.

Compatible with Kentix ONE are

Access Manager
KXP-16-LAN: from 07/2018
KMS-LAN: from 01/2018
KMS-LAN-RF: from 01/2018
Alarm Manager Basic and Pro
KAM: from 01/2018

The KKPT-Touch keypad is no longer supported in Kentix ONE. WallReaders KXC-WAx in combination with an AccessManager are possible replacements.

Versions 6 and 7

All devices that were not delivered with versions lower than 6.x are compatible with these versions.

From 2024, the connection to Kentix ONE GO or Kentix 360 offered in these versions will no longer be supported. In order to continue using the service, the devices must be updated to Kentix ONE (versions 8.x).

Versions 5 and older

Devices with these software versions cannot be updated to newer versions.

The following firmware versions are available for these devices:

KAM-PRO-BASiC V1 (ControlCenter):






KXP-2-RS 2.04.01:


KXP-16-RF 2.04.01 (V1+V2):


KXP-16-RF 7.01.02 (V1+V2):


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