Master card set

With the master card set the DoorLock devices are prepared for operation by radio. Excluded are all IP wall readers which are connected via SmartRelay. The service key card is used to integrate radio components such as knobs, door handles or wall readers into the radio network and to encrypt communication. Only one set of master cards is required per system or installation. We recommend using an extra set of master cards for each project.

Store the system card with the system key imprinted on it in a safe place, ideally a safe. This system card is required for reordering in the event of loss or defect of a service card. In case of complete loss of the system card and service card, only a very time-consuming restoration in the factory is possible!

Service-KeySystem-cardBatterychanging-cardDismantling-cardRFID-TokensBatterychanging-ToolAllen key
DoorLock-DC BASIC (KXC-KN1/2)(Haken)(Haken)(Haken)(Haken)bracket
DoorLock-DC PRO (KN4)(Haken)(Haken)

DoorLock-LE (KXC-LE)(Haken)(Haken)

2allen key1x
DoorLock-RA (KXC-RA1/2)(Haken)(Haken)



functionSignal (acoustic and optical) and explanations
First booking after commissioninglong tone and orange LED
Programming mode startLong tone followed by a short
Programming modeLEDs flash green
Programming mode Endshort tone followed by a long tone
Key teached in2 short tones, LEDs light up green
Key authorizedLEDs light green
Key not authorizedlong low tone, LEDs light up red
emergency accessno tones, only the green LED flashes
Battery warning phase 15 short tones, simultaneous flashing of LEDs 5x red
Battery warning phase 25 short tones, simultaneous flashing of LEDs 5x red, followed by 5s delay of engagement, simultaneous flashing of LEDs green
Battery warning phase 3 5 short tones, simultaneous flashing of LEDs 5x red, no coupling, but battery change position