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The KeyPad is used to arm-disarm the AlarmManager on site. Like the MultiSensors, the KeyPad keyboard is integrated into the ZigBee© wireless network of the AlarmManager. Note, however, that the keyboard does not work as a router and cannot affect the range of the network.

The KeyPad turns on when any key is pressed. The maximum operating time is then approx. 10 seconds. Within this time, an assigned alarm zone can be armed or disarmed.

Safety instructions

Installation and commissioning may only be carried out by trained specialist personnel in accordance with the instructions.
No modifications of any kind, other than those described in an appropriate manual, are permitted to Kentix GmbH products.
Certain levels of protection must be provided when installing Kentix equipment.
Observe the relevant regulations for installations in the respective environment.
Only operate the products within the defined temperature range.
The instructions should be passed on to the user by the person carrying out the installation.
Kentix accepts no liability for damage to the equipment or components resulting from incorrect installation. No liability is accepted for incorrectly programmed units.
Kentix shall not be liable in the event of malfunctions, damage to property or other damage.
Use of the products, transport and storage
Protect the device during transport, storage and operation from
Protect moisture, dirt and damage.
Battery powered products
Do not use products in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Only operate the products within the defined temperature range.
Installation and battery replacement may only be carried out by trained personnel in accordance with the instructions.
Do not charge, short circuit, open or heat batteries.
When inserting the batteries, pay attention to the correct polarity.
The devices must always be operated with the batteries intended for the product.
When changing batteries, always replace all batteries.
Dispose of old or used batteries properly.
Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
Kentix devices must be checked for functionality as part of annual maintenance.
Electrical appliances and batteries must be disposed of separately from household waste.



KeyPad touch front

Key layout

KeyPad touch key layout
  1. Arming – Exit room
    OK: 5 seconds acoustic signal (on/off), LED for arming flashes green , MultiSensors signal acoustically according to the set delay time.
    Not OK: 3 seconds acoustic signal (on/off), LED for arming flashes red
  2. Disarming – enter room
    OK :1 second continuous acoustic signal on KeyPad and MultiSensors, LED lights up continuously
  3. RFID reading range: Hold the RFID card as centered as possible on the reader. The function is executed immediately after the correct reading.

Internal controls

  1. Battery compartment: two AAA 1.5 V batteries are required to operate the device
  2. Teach-in key: This key is used to teach the device into the wireless network. To teach-in the sensor in KentixOne, start the teach-in process and then press the teach-in button for 3sec. Press until a signal tone is heard

Connect with WLAN

To add a KeyPad touch to KentixOne, select “+” in the Alarm Zones heading area of the Dashboard, then select “MultiSensor (Wireless)”.

Press the teach-in button for 3 seconds, which you reach via the recess on the back of the housing (2), until an acoustic signal sounds

The sensor should be detected within 15-20 seconds. The configuration mask for the sensor is then opened directly. The teach-in process is now complete

Operation via RFID

To operate the KeyPad by means of an RFID card, this can be used instead of the 4-digit PIN for authentication.
To do this, activate the KeyPad and then hold your RFID card in front of the X.

Only “armed-active” alarms can be switched via the KeyPad keypad.

Alarms of the type “Permanent active” are executed / signaled unaffected by the armed-disarmed state of the AlarmManager or the alarm zone.

Teach-in user / RFID cards

New RFID cards are read in via the user configuration in KentixOne on a KeyPad.

Configuration with KentixONE

The configuration is done via web browser (HTTPS) using the already integrated KentixONE software. Depending on the operating mode (Main or Satellite) of the device, the configuration takes place on the device itself (operating mode: Main), or on a central instance such as the SiteManager or AlarmManager (operating mode: Satellite).

All information about the software is available in the KentixONE section and the related documentation.

Before you start the configuration, make sure that the software is up to date on all network-enabled Kentix devices. The version status must be the same on all devices.
You can download the latest software here: KentixONE

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