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KentixONE-GO – Opening doors with NFC tags – MANUAL

KentixONE-GO can be used in standalone operation or as an extension to existing Kentix SmartAccess systems. The required software is already included in the supplied SmartRelay and can be accessed via any web browser. In addition, only the KentixONE app is required on one or more smartphones.

With the SmartAccess-GO system, it is possible to open a door using an NFC-enabled smartphone instead of a wired door reader.

A so-called NFC tag is used for this purpose, which is specially described and attached to the door. Upon entry, the smartphone app identifies the door via the NFC tag. This eliminates the need to search for and select the door in the app. The advantage, is the fast execution of the door opening without complex operation.

The NFC tag does not contain any security-relevant data and is only used for quick identification of the door. To prevent the NFC tag from being overwritten with other information, it can be write-protected. The door can be opened at any time and according to the authorization also directly in the app by pressing a button.

To perform the door opening, the NFC tag is simply scanned with the smartphone. You can find out in which area the NFC scanner of your smartphone is placed in the user manual of the smartphone.

Access authorizations can be managed centrally in the AccessManager web interface and easily shared with other users via mail or QR code. The user then only needs the KentixONE app to set up and use the shared access. Furthermore, permissions can also be distributed directly from the app, for which administration rights are required.

A SmartRelay (KXP-2-RS) is required to use Kentix SmartAccess-GO. Information about the relay and circuit diagrams including examples can be found here: Kentix SmartRelay (KXP-2-RS)

Preparation of the Kentix SmartRelay

Follow the instruction manual to install the SmartRelay and integrate it into the network.

KentixONE-GO Activation

KentixONE-GO is a paid service and requires activation. To do so, navigate to the following link or visit the Kentix store and select KentixONE-GO Subscription under Software:


Before payment you have the possibility to redeem a voucher – code. Enter the serial number of your AccessManager. Access is thus free of charge for the first year. 

The received activation code has the following format and can be entered directly via copy & paste in AccessManager:


ONE-GO: Start of activation
ONE-GO: Entering the activation code

Create virtual lock

To manage the electric strike in KentixOne, create a virtual lock under the Devices menu item.

Here you can then assign a name, assign access profiles and configure the output relay (1 or 2) to which the door opener is connected on the relay module.

Create administrator

The management of KentixONE-GO locks is performed by an administrator. The KentixONE-GO authorization is required for this. This can be assigned in the user settings.

The administrator then configures the NFC tags or creates Kentix ONE-GO-only users. Furthermore, the KentixONE-GO authorization can also be additionally assigned to users who are created in the system with tokens and thus receive authorization to open doors using the NFC tag and smartphone. Sharing the permission in this case works via QR code or email.

Create user

Program NFC tag

The administrator performs the preparation of the NFC tag in the KentixONE app as follows.

  1. Creating the door as a favorite
  2. Edit the favorite(image 1)
  3. Open the NFC menu and select the Teach NFC tag action.
  4. Hold the NFC tag to the smartphone
  5. It is possible to program the NFC tag with or without protection(Figure 2). If read-only is selected, the tag can no longer be overwritten, if “without protection” is selected, the tag can be written to again
Edit the favorite(image 1)
Program NFC tag with or without protection(Fig. 2)

The NFC tag is now described with the door opening information

Create Kentix ONE-GO User

The administrator can create Kentix ONE-GO users. These do not have access to the web interface and do not have an RFID token to open the door. You only have the authorization to open the doors assigned to you according to an access profile with your smartphone. To create a Kentix ONE-GO user, only the email address is required. Access can also be granted only for a certain period of time.

After creating the user, an email address with a link will be sent. The link directly opens the KentixONE app and sets up access.

Open door

To open the door, the NFC tag is scanned with the unlocked smartphone. The coupled DoorLock is detected and the opening can be performed.

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