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Activate KentixONE-GO

KentixONE-GO is a paid cloud service that extends KentixONE with additional cloud-based functions and services. KentixONE-GO replaces the previous Kentix360 cloud service and its smartphone app. Previous users of Kentix360 can also switch to KentixONE-GO and the new app when updating their Kentix devices to KentixONE. The previous license key can still be used.

The KentixONE-GO smartphone app (iOS, Android) is included in the scope of delivery. It enables access to the system overview, logbooks, live video images, measured values and system statuses, the arming/disarming of alarm zones, parts of the user administration as well as integrated PUSH and e-mail dispatch for alarm and system messages. The “Digital door key” function is also available. This allows door authorizations to be easily distributed and, if desired, operated via NFC or remote opening. There is also the “Daily system check” function (routine check) by KentixONE-GO to ensure general system availability. The number of users is not limited.

Quick activation guide

Configuration in KentixONE WEB-GUI

  1. Navigate to “KentixONE-GO” using the sidebar.
  2. Click on the “Activate” button, enter the KentixONE-GO activation code and confirm with “Register”.
  3. If not set to “Active”, activate the KentixONE-GO online service and confirm with “Save” at the top right.
  4. In the upper status bar, the cloud briefly turns “red”, after a few seconds (15-60s) it changes to green and KentixONE-GO is “Connected”.
  5. Navigate to “Users” via sidebar
  6. In the user list, click on the “GO” button of the desired user and click on “KentixONE-GO”.
  7. Enter your e-mail address to create a KentixONE-GO account and confirm with “Activate”. The user receives an e-mail to activate their account and the app. (If the KentixONE-GO account already exists under this e-mail, the access will be shared with your manager).

Configuration of the smartphone app

  1. iOS: KentixONE-GO Android: KentixONE-GO – Download and install apps from Google Play
  2. Open the e-mail address on your smartphone or in a web browser and press the “Set password” button. The KentixONE-GO app opens automatically (if necessary, open with Allow app) or a page for setting the password appears.
  3. Enter the desired password and confirm it again.
  4. Log in with email and password, read confirmation code from email, enter in app and confirm.

Activate KentixONE-GO

To use the service, the function must first be activated on the main device under Configuration “KentixONE-GO”. The license key for KentixONE-GO can be entered and registered there.

KentixONE-GO Registration

Invite user

Click on the “GO” button to the right of the user to open a “KentixONE-GO” option. Clicking this allows you to enter an email address of the user in question. With “Activate” the invitation is sent.

Register user in the app

The user receives an invitation e-mail. This can be opened on the smartphone or in the web browser. If the user does not yet have a KentixONE-GO account, they will be prompted to set a password. This is done by clicking on the “Set password” button. The KentixONE-GO app opens automatically (if necessary, open with Allow app) or a page for setting the password appears. The desired password must be entered and confirmed again.

If the user already has a KentixONE-GO account with the specified e-mail address, they will receive an e-mail notification that KentixONE-GO access has been granted for them.

During registration via the app, another step is taken to authenticate the user by means of a temporary PIN and the creation of a password. In the process, another email is sent to the user. Follow the instructions in the APP and the email.

After launching the KentixONE-GO app, the user can now access the installation.

KentixONE-GO App

Communication or firewall settings in the network for KentixONE-GO

In the vast majority of networks, no special approvals or port activations are required to use KentixONE-GO. KentixONE-GO uses the same communication and security procedures as modern IoT and web applications and does not require insecure activation of IP ports from outside (inbound) into the network.

However, if firewall rules are required to communicate with the KentixONE-GO servers from the network (outbound) or to restrict communication, the following information may be helpful:

Communication port of the KentixONE-GO server: :

  • TCP 443 (https)

DNS names of the KentixONE-GO servers:

  • cloud.kentixone.com
  • auth.cloud.kentixone.com
  • gateway.cloud.kentixone.com

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