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Dual SmartPDU 2U, 2x16A – DATA SHEET

Rated power, voltage2×2.3kVA (opt. 2×3.6kVA), 230V1×2.3kVA (opt. 1×3.6kVA), 230V
Connector plug2x C20 IEC socket (16A) on rear panel1x C20 IEC socket (16A) on rear panel
Connection cableConnection cable must be ordered separatelyConnection cable must be ordered separately
Sockets C13 (IEC60320)18 (2x 9) C13 with A+B supply16 (2x 8) C13 with A+B supply
InterlockIEC-LOCK for C13
Fuse/circuit breaker2x 10A C-type, interlocked
Current measurement (calibrated)Integrated, calibrated current measurement, accuracy Class B (MID, EN 50470-3)
Minimum current 250mA
Residual current measurement (RCM)OPTIONALIntegrated AC/DC
sensitive residual current measurement according to IEC 60664-1
±300mA/100mA (RMS), accuracy <0.2mA
Frequency range DC 0..2kHz
ConnectivityEthernet (10/100MBit)
Modbus TCP
Kentix system socketRJ45 with Kentix specific assignment for system extensions2 x Digital Input (e.g. door contacts, leakage detectors, ext. alarms)2 x Digital Output (e.g. door locks, signal lights)1 x System BUS
Communication and securityHTTPS (certificate), integrated web server, ReSt API
Port security 802.1x
Protocols: SNMP V2/3 (GET, TRAP), NTP, SMTP, DHCP
ManagementManagement Standalone or Kentix Power Manager (KPM-100)
Software Deployment (Updates)
Templates for limit values, power ranges
Measurement/communication objectsVoltage (V) L1/L2/Total
Current (A) L1/L2/Total
Consumption (kWh) L1/L2/Total
Active power (W) L1/L2/totalApparent power (VA) L1/L2/total
Reactive power (VAR) L1/L2/Total
Effective factor (cos phi)
Frequency (Hz)
Phase monitoring L1/L2/
Differential current AC
Differential current DC
Fuse status L1/L2/
Temperature (°C)
Relative humidity (%)
Dew point (°C)
Vibration (G)
Display (LCD)Illuminated LCD display (power, current, voltage, consumption)
Optical signalingLED with RED/GREEN (operation, alarm/error status)
Acoustic signalingSignal generator with 80dB, 2.3kHz (alarm/fault conditions)
Factory stateButton for factory reset in side panel
HousingSheet metal, powder coated RAL9005
Protection class 1, protection class IP20
Size443 x 88 x 88 mm (WxHxD)
Weightapprox. 3,0kg
Environmental conditions-10°C to 55°C, humidity 5-95%.
Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
ExamsCE (2014/30/EC, 2014/35/EC, 2011/65/EU)
Electrical safetyDGUV V3 testing, VDE 0105-100
MarkingSerial number (barcode)
Scope of deliverySmartPDU
Test report

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