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SmartPDU 40U, 3×63A (44kVA) – Datasheet

Rated power, voltage44kVA, 400/230V
Connector plugCEE plug(RED) to IEC60309, 5-pin, 63A/230/400V
Connection cableLength 3m, rubber hose cable H07RN-F-5G16
Sockets C13 (IEC60320)24
Sockets C19 (IEC60320)12
Locking socketsIEC-LOCK for C13/C19
Fuse circuit breaker with hinged cover
(rated current, characteristic, short-circuit current)
12x 16A C-type, 6kA
Current measurement (calibrated)Integrated, calibrated current measurement, accuracy Class B (MID, EN 50470-3)
Minimum current 250mA, maximum current 32A
Residual current measurement (RCM)
Integrated AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement according to IEC 60664-1
±300mA/100mA (RMS), accuracy <0.2mA
Frequency range DC 0..2kHz
ConnectivityEthernet (10/100MBit), PoE Class 3
Kentix system socket (type B)RJ45 with Kentix specific pinout for system expansion
2 x digital input (e.g. door contacts, leakage detector, ext. alarms)
1 x System BUS
Communication and securityHTTPS (certificate), integrated web server, ReSt API
ManagementMain satellite management via KentixONE
Measurement/communication objectsVoltage (V) L1/L2/L3/Total
Current (A) L1/L2/L3/Total
Consumption (kWh) L1/L2/L3/Total
Active power (W) L1/L2L3/total
Apparent power (VA) L1/L2/L3/total
Reactive power (VAR) L1/L2/L3/Total
Effective factor (cos phi)
Frequency (Hz)
Phase monitoring L1/L2/L3
Differential current AC (optional)
Differential current DC (optional)
Fuse status L1/L2/L3
Temperature (°C)
Relative humidity (%)
Dew point (°C)
Vibration (G)
Air quality VOC (AIQ index)
Display (LCD)Illuminated LCD display (power, current, voltage, consumption)
Optical signalingLED with RED/GREEN (operation, alarm/error status)
Acoustic signalingSignal generator with 80dB, 2.3kHz (alarm/fault conditions)
Factory stateButton for factory reset in side panel
(Default IP:
Power dissipationapprox. 100W (full load)
HousingSheet metal, powder coated RAL9005, protection class 1, protection class IP20, mounting bracket can be mounted at a distance of 5U
Size1770 x 78.2 x 62.5 mm (HxWxD)
Weightapprox. 13,5kg
Environmental conditions0°C to 60°C, humidity 5-95%, storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
CertificationCE (2014/30/EC, 2014/35/EC, 2011/65/EU)
Electrical safetyDGUV-V3 testing, VDE 0105-100
MarkingSerial number (barcode), additional free
Marking area front panel (60x30mm)
Scope of deliverySmartPDU with connection cable 3m and plug, mounting material: 3 pieces 90° angle bracket,
12 pcs. countersunk head screws M3x15 with hexagon socket 2mm, front foils A/B (ORANGE), test report
AccessoriesFront foil A (RED)
Front foil B (BLUE)

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