The KeyPad is used for arm-disarm switching of the AlarmManager on site. The KeyPad is integrated into the ZigBee© wireless network of the AlarmManager in the same way as a MultiSensor-RF. Please note that the KeyPad does not work as a router and can not extend the network range.

The KeyPad is activated by pressing any button. The duty cycle is then about 10 seconds. During this time you can arm or disarm single alarm zones or the complete system.

  1. select "+" then "Key Pad Touch"
  2. Press the teach-in button (2) for 3 seconds, which is accessible via the recess on the back of the housing.
  3. The KeyPad should be recognized within 15-20 seconds. Then the configuration mask for the sensor is opened directly. The teach-in process is now complete.
  4. Make the individual settings for configuring the KeyPad and then save the settings.

Switch alarm zone

Press one of the function buttons (Sharp (1) / Unsharp (2)). Then enter your personal 4-digit PIN to complete the action.

The function is triggered immediately after entering the fourth and last code digit. Each key press is acknowledged acoustically with a tone. The selected function is indicated by an LED in the key.

Please note that each user requires the corresponding authorisations to operate a KeyPad.

Arming - Leaving the room


5 seconds acoustic signal (on/off), LED for sharp flashes green, MultiSensors signal acoustically according to the set delay time. Not OK :
3 seconds acoustic signal (on/off). LED flashes red

Disarming - enter room


1 second continuous acoustic signal on KeyPad and MultiSensors, LED lights up constantly

RFID reading range

Hold the RFID card as centrally as possible on the reader. The function will be executed immediately after correct reading.

Operation via RFID

To operate the KeyPad using an RFID card, this can be used for authentication instead of the 4-digit PIN.

To do this, activate the KeyPad and then hold your RFID card in front of the X.


The KeyPad keyboard can only be used to switch "Arm-Active" alarms.

Alarms of the type "Permanently active" are executed / reported unaffected by the sharp and blurred state of the AlarmManager or the alarm zone.

Teach-in user / RFID cards

New RFID cards are read in via the user configuration on a KeyPad.
Select the "+" next to the field for the RFID card in the user settings and select the respective KeyPad.
Then press one of the "Arming" or "Disarming" buttons and hold the user card in front of the RFID reading area. The number / ID of the card is then transferred to the "RFID token" field.