System components such as leakage sensors, door contacts, sirens or external alarms from UPS or air conditioners can be connected via the Kentix system port (1) of the MultiSensor. With the MultiSensor-RF, the power supply is also provided via the system socket.

A separately available adapter is available for connecting external devices or alarms with inputs or outputs (Power adapter KIO 3: power supply, 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs).

The assignment of the systemport can be found in the following circuit diagram.

Systemport (Typ: RJ45)Assignment of contacts

  1. Internal system voltage (GND) - Not for external use*
  2. Output 1 (open collector, max. 100mA)
  3. Output 2 (open collector, max 100mA)
  4. External voltage / ModBus-A - Not for external use*
  5. External voltage / ModBus-B - Not for external use*
  6. Input 1 (potential-free wiring)
  7. Input 2 (potential-free wiring)
  8. Internal system voltage (5VDC) - Not for external use*

* These connections are for internal use only.

The wiring should only be carried out by a specialist with electrotechnical knowledge. Incorrect wiring can lead to short circuits and defects. We always recommend the use of an I/O adapter [ ART: KIO3] for external wiring of the Kentix systemport.