Connection with PC

Connect the LAN-PoE socket on the SmartXcan to a PoE-enabled switch or PoE injector using a LAN cable. Also establish a network connection between your PC and this switch.
 Set the IP address of your PC to e.g. "" and you can reach the MultiSensor-TI via the web interface at the address The device is delivered with DHCP function activated by default. This allows a simple and fast network integration.

On this page you will find the following information:


The following data are required to log in to the user interface: Username: admin, Password: password

The dashboard shows the system status and general measured values of the MultiSensor. These include, for example, room temperature, humidity, air quality and dew point.
The number of persons counted or the messages of the 4-factor fire detection are also listed here.

TI Sensor

This area shows the live image of the infrared sensor. This allows hotspots in the field of view of the MultiSensor to be detected.
The Display events function is used to assign properties to an event in the live image. For example, "Movement detected" is assigned to a passing person.
With the Exclusion area function, certain areas in the field of view of the MultiSensor-TI can be excluded for monitoring or motion detection. For example, if there is a temperature hotspot in the live image which knowingly has a very high temperature but which should be ignored, this area can be excluded with an "Exclusion area". Either "fire" or "movement" can be excluded as an event type.

MultiSensor-TI configuration

Alarm values

In this area alarm values are assigned, which the Kentix MultiSensor-TI should monitor and from which threshold values an alarm should be triggered.

Kentix System Import

In this area the digital inputs can be configured. For this a KIO3 adapter must be connected to the system port of the MultiSensor-TI. Two channels are available to carry out external switching outputs.


Webhooks can be used to activate certain commands on various events. For more information, see the API section.

Motion Detection

In this area, a time profile can be created in which the MultiSensor-TI should detect a movement or when it should not register any movement.

People Counting


With the Kentix MultiSensor-TI two different methods of people counting are possible. On the one hand the flow counting and on the other hand the presence counting. Here you can choose between these two variants. There are two different meter types of the MultiSensor-TI, main counter and satellite counter. Devices in satellite counter mode synchronise the counter reading with their main counter, which manages the sum of all devices.


In this area, the maximum number of persons who may stay in the area monitored by the MultiSensor-TI can be defined. Their distance control can also be configured in this menu.

Layout Entry Control

Under this menu item the interface of the entry-control page can be configured as desired. You can upload different icons for the respective events and add the respective company logo.

Alarm behaviour

In this menu the alarm repetition and the duration of the alarm signal can be configured.