Battery status query for DoorLocks

The battery level for the SNMP query returns the following values

0 = Battery OK
1 = Warning, battery is about to run out (but usually lasts several days)
2 = Critical, battery almost empty (should be replaced "immediately")
3 = Battery empty

GSM Signal

The query for the GSM signal returns the following values

0 = no signal
1 = 25% signal
2 = 50% signal
3= 75% signal
4 = 100% signal

An integration to query the GSM signal in PRTG can be realized with the following lookup file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <ValueLookup id="oid.kentixdevices.alarmstate.gsmsignal" desiredValue="4" undefinedState="Error">
      <SingleInt state="Error" value="0">
 	  <SingleInt state="Warning" value="1">
      <SingleInt state="Ok" value="2">
      <SingleInt state="Ok" value="3">
      <SingleInt state="Ok" value="4">