In contrast to failures caused by software errors, the downtimes caused by physical defects are usually longer and more expensive. The Kentix MultiSensor® technology offers an optimal solution for the physical protection of your IT infrastructure, because with only a few components it detects all essential dangers early on and reports them before expensive failures occur. Real-time information and redundant message paths such as SMS and PUSH messages are an integral part of our AlarmManager. This ensures that you always receive reliable alarms, even if the company's internal network has failed. Kentix devices are completely IT-based and easy to integrate into distributed IT infrastructures. The complete software is already included, so there are no additional costs. The configuration and administration of the entire system is done centrally and conveniently via a web interface. Close a gap in your IT security with Kentix and comply with ISO27001. Avoid liability risks! Kentix systems replace several individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems or fire alarm systems and thus save around two thirds of the usual costs.

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