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Passive PDU 40U – DATA SHEET

TypesKPMDU-EM-2406C13C19-1-32 (7.3kVA)
KPMDU-EM-2406C13C19-3-32 (22kVA)
KPMDU-EM-4800C13C19-1-32 (7.3kVA)
KPMDU-EM-4800C13C19-3-32 (22kVA)
Rated power, voltagemax. 22kVA, 230/400V, depending on configuration
Connector plugIEC60309, CEE-32A, L1/L2/L3/N/PE/6h
Connection cableLength 3m, rubber sheathed cable H07RN-F-5G6
Sockets C13 (IEC60320)24 / 48
Sockets C19 (IEC60320)6 / 0
InterlockIEC-LOCK for C13/C19
Fuse/circuit breaker3/6 x 10A C-type, interlocked
3 x 16A C-type, interlocked
Optical signalingRED/GREEN representation for backup state
HousingSheet metal, powder coated RAL9005
Protection class 1, protection class IP20
Size1770 x 78.2 x 62.5 mm (HxWxD)
Weightapprox. 9,0kg
Environmental conditions-10°C to 55°C, humidity 5-95%.
Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C
ExamsCE (2014/35/EC, 2011/65/EU)
Electrical safetyDGUV V3 testing, VDE 0105-100
MarkingSerial number (barcode)
Additional free marking area front panel (60x20mm)
Scope of deliveryPDU with 3m connection cable and plugMounting material: 3 pcs. angle brackets, 12 pcs. countersunk screws. M3x15Test protocol

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