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Kentix StarterSets

Skill Level 1

The StarterSets with KentixONE for an uncomplicated project start.

With the Kentix StarterSets, you receive a complete package for a quick and cost-effective introduction to the innovative Kentix technology. The StarterSets contain everything you need to get started with the products in the set.

Most Kentix products require only one network connection with PoE. The rest work with radio and are then battery powered. In general, all Kentix products have the “KentixONE” software already integrated and can thus be scaled indefinitely, everything always fits together. New software versions are available for download free of charge.

For access via SmartPhone, KentixONE-GO is available as a secure cloud-based service and offers further advantages in technical support and automated updates.

StarterSet DoorLock-DC

With the StarterSets-DoorLock you get all the components you need to lay the foundation for an entire access system. Each of the starter sets enables the management of access authorizations for up to 16 doors. AccessManager and doors can be networked together indefinitely, allowing small and large access systems to be created in the blink of an eye.


For commissioning, please follow the following operating instructions in the order in which they are listed:

  1. Connect and Set up AccessManager radio
  2. Start and configure KentixONE
  3. Initial Setup DoorLock-DC-BASIC using the Master card set
  4. Hinzufügen des Doorlocks in KentixONE auf dem AccessManager (Video)

StarterSet SmartMonitoring with radio

Starter set to get started with Kentix SmartMonitoring technology for seamless room and building monitoring. Expandable at any time with SmartAccess, SmartVideo and SmartPDU devices. Already integrated KentixONE software via web server (HTTPS) as well as 4G modem for redundant SMS alerting.

Monitoring of:
Temperature, humidity, climate control, smoldering fire / fire / fire gases (CO), burglary / unauthorized access, access to unauthorized subareas (racks / cabinets), line loss / cable defects, failure of active system components, failure of services (HTTP, SMTP, VPN, etc.), defective device fans, mains voltage failure, UPS defect fault, UPS remaining runtime and capacity

  • Possibility to connect up to 250 MultiSensors via LAN and radio
  • Integrated 4G modem with slot for SIM card
  • SNMP for integration into monitoring systems
  • Alarming via e-mail, PUSH, SMS or SNMP trap


For commissioning, please follow the following operating instructions in the order in which they are listed:

  1. Start and configuration of the SiteManager
  2. Commissioning the MultiSensor-LAN
  3. Adding MultiSensor-DOOR units

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