Art-No: KPM-RF • Datasheet: PowerManager KPM-RF-B

The PowerManager is the central component of the solution. Here the SmartMeters or ModBus meters are connected via radio, RS485 or LAN. The PowerManager is connected to the network via a PoE-enabled switch.

Via the web interface, settings such as IP data, as well as the configuration of user data and meter settings can then be made.

A description of the configuration can be found further down in this manual.

PowerManager frontside

  1. Status LED
    1. Green: Power, no pending alarms
    2. Red: Power, pending alarms

PowerManager connections

  1. Kentix system port: connection for extension sensors
  2. LAN connection for network and voltage supply via PoE (Class 2)
  3. SD card slot for Micro SD cards up to 128GB (not included)