System components such as DoorLock-RA4, leakage sensors, door contacts, sirens or external alarms can be connected via the Kentix system socket of the SmartPDU. 

A separately available adapter is available for connecting external devices or alarms with inputs or outputs (power adapter KIO 3: power supply, 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs).

The assignment of the system socket can be seen in the following circuit diagram.

Systembuchse (Typ: RJ45)Belegung der Kontakte

  1. Internal system voltage (GND) - Not for external use*.
  2. Output 1 (open collector, max 100mA)
  3. Output 2 (open collector, max 100mA)
  4. ModBus-A - Not for external use* ModBus-B - Not for external use*
  5. ModBus-B - Not for external use* Input 1 (potential-free connection)
  6. Input 1 (potential-free circuit)
  7. Input 2 (potential-free connection)
  8. Internal system voltage (5VDC) - Not for external use*

* These connections are for internal use only

The wiring should only be carried out by a specialist with electrical engineering knowledge. Incorrect wiring can lead to short circuits and defects.