Double connection = double protection in case of power failure!
The Kentix DUAL-PDU combines a double-fused power supply in one unit. The power connection is made via two 1-phase 16A or 32A power cables.
Depending on use, up to 48 C13 sockets can be placed on the PDU. However, further combinations of C13 and C19 sockets are available.

The Kentix SmartPDU Dual-PDU has an integrated residual current meter (RCM). This enables the system to be tested in accordance with DGUV V3. This residual current measurement enables defective power supplies (server power supplies) to be detected at an early stage. With the integrated current meter, electricity costs can be settled according to the MID (Measurement Instrumentations Directive).
The height of the SmartPDU is 178cm (40 height units) and can therefore be used in all standard server cabinets between 42 - 50 U.
Each Kentix PDU is fitted exclusively with IEC lock sockets. With the matching cables, unintentional disconnection is avoided.

A MultiSensor is also integrated into the SmartPDU design, which monitors all system-relevant parameters (temperature, humidity, dew point, vibration).
The electronics are supplied by PoE, which means that in the event of a power failure, the sensors and the management of the PDUs continue to function thanks to the UPS-buffered PoE switches. In addition, further control functions and digital inputs/outputs are available via the Kentix system port. For example, the new Kentix DoorLock-RA4 rack levers can be connected to a PDU. Further information on this combination can be found here: IP Rack-Lever (DoorLock-RA4)