KENTIX system solutions are consistently based on web technologies and IT standards. The range of functions and the system scaling is already enormous and sufficient in many projects. With the ReST API, however, the possibility of vertical integration is many times greater. The ReST API is a programming interface that is oriented to the paradigms and behavior of the World Wide Web (WWW). The REST API has achieved the status of an industry standard and is used by providers such as AWS, VMware, Azure and many cloud providers. KENTIX systems thus offer completely new integration possibilities and an enormous extension of the application possibilities in digital business models and cloud solutions. Use of the Kentix REST API is free of charge, documentation is available online after project registration.


In addition to the API request via HTTP POST Request via JSON objects, so-called WEB-HOOKS are available for the most important system events such as alarms, bookings and system messages. Server-based events for the immediate transmission of events. What makes them special is that they can be configured at will and are independent of the data model. These can be JSON or XML based. The WEB-HOOKS are simply created via the software interface (WEB-GUI) of the respective devices.