The Kentix DoorLock-RA4 can also be connected via a SmartPDU (40U or 2U). For this connection variant, no SmartRelay is required but a distributor box (KXC-RA4-DB-BUS-PDU) is needed.
The cabinet locks can be managed via the web interface of the SmartPDU or via an AccessManager integrated in the network.
Up to two cabinet locks and two door contacts can be operated with one SmartPDU and one Distribution Box (RACK1).

You can find more information about mounting and DoorLock-RA4 here: IP cabinet lock (DoorLock-RA4)

The connection of the IP Rack levers using the Distribution Box is done according to the following diagram:

LAN-EXT: A connection to the network is established at the LAN-EXT socket of the distribution box.
LAN-PDU: A connection is made between the LAN PDU socket of the distribution box and the LAN socket of the SmartPDU.
SYS-PDU: A connection to the system port of the SmartPDU is established between the SYS-PDU socket of the distribution box.

  1. SmartPDU (KPMDU): The distributor box or the DoorLock-RA4s are connected as shown in the illustration above.
  2. Distributor box (KXC-RA4-DB-BUS-PDU): The DoorLock RA4s are connected to the distributor box via patch cables. The distributor box offers the possibility of controlling two locks and two door contacts.
  3. DoorLock-RA4 (KXC-RA4): Both rack levers a and b are connected via the distributor box and supplied with voltage.
  4. DoorContact: The door contact indicates the current status of the server cabinet door a or b