Art.-No.: KXC-WA • Datasheet: DoorLock-WA1 (KXC-WA1)

The wireless wall reader extends the range of applications of Kentix Smart Access to include other areas of application such as factory gates, doors with motor control or barriers. It is fully integrated into the Smart Access series with radio knob and radio lever handle. Integration, configuration and operation are the same as for the components listed above. Online or offline operation is also possible here. The wall reader already has its own relay, in online mode it can control one of 2 relays in the respective AccessPoint.

How to setup a wallreader?


The power supply and relay circuitry are directly connected to the wall reader. The PIN assignment is shown in the following wiring diagram.

Connection terminals reader rear side:

1 - Power supply 8-30 VDC (any polarity)
2 - Power supply 8-30 VDC (any polarity)
9 - Switching relay output (NO contact) max. 30 V AC/DC, max. 1.5A (polarity any)
10 - Switching relay output (NO contact) max. 30 V AC/DC, max. 1.5A (polarity any)

Control of door opener

There are two variants for controlling the door opener or motor lock with the following differences and limitations.

1. control of the door opener directly via the relay output of the wall scanner.

  • RESTRICTION: No remote opening via Smartphone App or software possible, as the radio wall reader only establishes a radio connection to the AccessManager based on the reading event of the RFID card.
  • The connection is made directly at the wall reader and is therefore easier to manipulate. Suitable for indoor areas or gates that can be crossed without high security requirements.
  • The relay contact (9,10) on the wall reader is a normally open contact.
  • The KIO3 module shown in the circuit diagram is optional and is only required for connecting the door contacts. If these are not required, the module is not required.

2. controlling the door via an AccessManager with a KIO3 IO module connected to the system socket:

  • RESTRICTION: Only 2 relay outputs via IO module (KIO3) per AccessManager possible. However, relays can be opened remotely at any time or controlled via time programs.
  • The door opener is connected to the KIO3 module indoors, where safe control is possible.
  • The relay contact on the KIO3 IO module is a change-over contact, for example connected as a normally open contact.

Installation of the wall reader (flush-mounted)

To install a Kentix radio wall reader, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Installation in the flush-mounted box

Guide the wall reader to the flush-mounted box. Make sure that no cable is trapped or pinched.

Step 2: Mounting the wall reader

Then align the wall reader in the flush-mounted box and screw tight.

Step 3: Fasten the cover

Attach the cover to the wall reader. Note that, depending on the version, it must also be screwed down.


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