Before you continue reading this FAQ article, please check your configuration of the Kentix360 Cloud and Smartphone App.

If the connection with the Kentix360 app fails, please check the following requirements:

  1. The AlarmManager or Kentix AccessManager is connected to the Kentix360 cloud
    (recognizable by a green cloud in the web interface of the device), if this is not the case see Problems with Kentix360 Cloud Connection (red Cloud in AlarmManager and AccessManager)
  2. Your user has activated the option for the Kentix360 Cloud in the AlarmManager or AccessManager. See Setup Kentix360 Smartphone App
  3. The profile in the smartphone was created using the displayed QR code. See Setup Kentix360 Smartphone App
  4. The password used is the password of your AlarmManager or AccessManager user
    (not the password for the Kentix360 cloud account!)
  5. Your smartphone uses mobile data for the connection (not WLAN).
    If WLAN is used, it must be ensured that communication via TCP port 5222 to the Internet is possible
  6. Your user is created locally, it is not an LDAP user