The dynamic temperature correction corrects the measured body core temperature when the skin surface of the face has cooled down considerably. The temperature is measured in the area inside the eye. There the facial artery (Arteria facialis) causes the body temperature to be measured most accurately. Starting from these measuring points, the face cools down considerably. This can be clearly seen in the following figure. If a person now comes from a very cold environment and takes a measurement, the surface temperature of the skin has cooled down considerably and the body temperature measurement is not true. In such a case the Dynamic Temperature Correction corrects the measured temperature to the actual body core temperature.

This correction is available in different levels and can be set depending on the environmental parameters.

Off: No dynamic temperature correction is required.
Low: To be set if the person to be measured has previously been in medium to cool temperatures.
Medium: To be set if the persons to be measured have previously been in cool to cold temperatures.
High: To be set if the persons to be measured have previously been in very cold to frosty temperatures.


The most accurate measurements can be obtained if the device is placed in a constant ambient temperature between 18 and 24 ° C. Acclimatization of the device as well as the person scanning at the same ambient temperature provides the most accurate results of the temperature measurement.