A radio range of 25m is the ideal condition. This is only possible with a clear view between AccessManager and radio knob. As soon as they are inside a building, there are many factors that influence the radio range.

  • Doors with metal frames
  • Walls, windows, doors also reduce signal strength. The thicker an obstacle is, the weaker the radio signal becomes
  • The walls and ceilings between DoorLock and AccessManager are made of reinforced concrete; metal mesh is located in the ceiling or wall (e.g. lightweight wall with aluminium frame)
  • High humidity can severely limit the range
  • The windows between transmitter and receiver are steamed or consist of heat insulation glazing
  • Mirrors or similar reflective layers are installed in the immediate vicinity of the DoorLock and AccessManager
  • Electrical sources of interference are in the immediate vicinity (minimum distance approx. 2 - 3 m) of DoorLock and AccessManager (e.g. microwave oven, television, computer or other household appliances currently in operation)

The signal strength of the radio knob can be displayed directly in the application below the details. This is updated each time a booking is made.