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On all Kentix devices, the sensor technology is located inside the housing. This can have an effect on the measurement result, especially when measuring temperature and humidity.

The instruments are therefore pre-calibrated on delivery. However, it cannot be guaranteed that this calibration is suitable for all installation types and spatial conditions.

For this reason, the measured temperature value of the respective device should be adjusted to the actual room temperature - in the immediate vicinity of the Kentix device - after the installation has been completed. This can be done with a standard room thermometer.

Calibration should be performed after 10 minutes of operation after the device has been finally mounted.

If a difference is detected during the measurement, it should be stored as an offset in the configuration of the respective device. The offset is always set in whole degrees.
The temperature offset also automatically corrects the measured value of the relative humidity.

Please note that despite identical set temperature values with AlarmManager and MultiSensors, a slight deviation in humidity is possible.

Further information can be found here.