Can other RFID media also be used?

The Kentix SmartXcan RFID is currently compatible with Mifare Desfire or Mifare Classic.
LEGIC Prime Tokens can also be used.

How is the measurement performed with SmartXcan RFID?

The SmartXcan is activated via the RFID medium. After the device is activated, the measurement is performed as before.

Is there a user limit?

The Kentix SmartXcan-RFID offers beside the general functions also the possibility to be controlled via RFID. Up to 5000 different UID's can be created. The administration of these UID's can be done via CSV files or LDAP.

What are the benefits of the Kentix SmartXcan RFID?

The RFID reader is used to activate the device. This makes it possible to use the measurement result of the SmartXcan as a condition for opening an access controlled area. Measurement results can be uniquely assigned via the RFID profile.

Which data are stored?

Depending on the configuration, all recorded data/measured values are stored for the user identified by the RFID transponder. In addition to the date and time, this includes the measured body temperature, the measurement distance and the result of the measurement (no fever, slightly elevated body temperature, elevated body temperature and high body temperature). The settings regarding data backup can be adjusted in the SmartXcan web interface.

Can a measurement be performed without RFID activation?

These features can be adjusted as required in the SmartXcan RFID settings.

More information about the Kentix SmartXcan RFID can be found at MultiSensor - SmartXcan (KMS-TI-FS, KMS-TI-FS-RFID-B)