Art.-No.: KIO2 

The Kentix I/O Power-Adapter KIO2 is used to connect a MultiSensor-RF/-LAN/-LAN-RF for power supply. (How is the KIO2 connected to the MultiSensor-RF?)

The adapter is connected directly to the Kentix system socket (1) and offers the option of supplying power to a MultiSensor via a plug-in power supply unit (2).

This may be necessary, for example, if there is no PoE switch for operating a MultiSensor-LAN/-LAN-RF, or if a MultiSensor-RF is to be connected separately for monitoring the external power supply. The cable length between MultiSensor and KIO2 adapter should not exceed 50 meters.

KIO2 Connections

This adapter is used exclusively for the power supply of a MultiSensor.
 The alarm inputs and outputs on the MultiSensor are no longer available when this adapter is used.