Art.-No.: KFLASH-1 

The Kentix alarm siren is used for acoustic and visual signalling in the event of an alarm. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors (protection class IP65).

The alarm siren is equipped with a 10 meter long patch cable and RJ45 plug and can be connected directly to the system sockets of the AlarmManager or to all MultiSensor RF/-LAN/-LAN-RF via an additional RJ45-T adapter. The adapters are included with the alarm siren.

Connection example: Alarm siren to AlarmManager or MultiSensor

Plug the alarm siren into the supplied RJ45 T-adapter and connect the adjacent socket to the system socket (1) of the AlarmManager using a patch cable. Power is supplied via a power adapter (KIO2), which is connected to the lower side of the T-adapter. If the alarm contact of the MultiSensor is also to be used (e.g. by a door contact), the patch cable of the alarm siren can also be connected to system port 2 of the KIO3 adapter. Up to two digital inputs can then be configured on the KIO3 adapter.

The siren must be connected to system port 2 of the AlarmManager. System port 2 is located on the far LEFT of the bottom of the AlarmManager. Here you will find the description: AlarmManager-BASIC/PRO


To control the alarm siren, the relay times must be defined in the AlarmManager or for the MultiSensor.

For the AlarmManager and all MultiSensors in AlarmManager mode, the relay times in the settings of the respective alarm zone apply.
A separate time can be defined here for both sharp-active and continuously active alarms.

If the 1st channel of the system book is configured for the alarm siren, the signaling takes place acoustically and by flashing, with configuration of the 2nd channel only a signaling takes place by flashing of the siren.