In order for the device to achieve the most accurate measurement results, stable ambient conditions should be maintained.

The Kentix SmartXcan should always be used in air-conditioned interiors (ideally 18-24 °C) if possible. The device must be protected from moisture. The relative humidity should be between 10 and 75%. The device should not be mounted directly next to heat sources or in the direction of radiation of a heat source. The thermal image sensor must not detect any other heat or cold sources in addition to the face to be scanned. These include lights, radiators or air conditioning systems. The SmartXcan should not be positioned in direct sunlight or outdoors.
In order to allow the device to acclimatise, the system should be in the same environment at least 30 minutes before the first measurement. The device should be protected from cold or warm drafts.

The SmartXcan is not intended for outdoor use!