Current firmware versions and MIB-files (SNMP) for all IP based Kentix devices by product group. The firmware update is performed via the Web GUI in the "System" section.

Software for older devices up to 12/2017 can be found here...

Firmware AlarmManager (Devices from 02/2018)

Version 06.22.06 – AlarmManager-BASIC and -PRO (ART: KAM-BASIC / KAM-PRO)

Date: 04.12.2019

Release Notes (PDF)

Firmware MultiSensor-LAN (Devices from 02/2018)

Version 06.22.05 – MultiSensor-LAN and -LAN-RF (ART: KMS-LAN / KMS-LAN-RF)

Date: 6.08.2019

Release Notes (PDF)


Firmware AccessManager

Version 02.03.05 – DoorLock AccessManager (ART: KXP-16-B/W)

Datum: 26.09.2019

Release Notes (PDF)

Firmware SmartRelay and IP-Wallreader

Version 02.03.05 – Network-Relais-Modul (ART: KXP-2-RS, KXC-WA3-IP1)

Datum: 26,09.019

Release Notes (PDF)


Firmware SmartPDU

Version 02.03.02 – SmartPDU

Date: 05.12.2019

Release Notes (PDF)

Firmware PowerManager

Version 02.03.02 – PowerManager (ART: KPM-100)

Date: 05.12.2019

Release Notes (PDF)


MIB-File  -  Management Information Base for integration of Kentix devices into external management tools via SNMP V2/V3

MIB file for the following devices:

  • MultiSensor-LAN (ART: KMS-LAN-B/W, KMS-LAN-RF-B/W)
  • AccessManager (ART: KXP-16-B/W)
  • SmartRelay (ART: KXC-WA3-IP1 or KXC-2-RS)

    Further SNMP details can be found in the "SNMP" settings of the respective device. There you will also find an SNMP Glossary with detailed assignment of the data point to OID.