In addition to the possibility of coupling the access system with the Kentix alarm system, you also have the option of controlling an external alarm system.

There are various configuration options available

  • Without using a return channel: No information about the status is then transmitted
  • With return channel: The alarm system transmits the status, this can be displayed on the IP wall reader (when armed, the red LED flashes cyclically)
  • With return channel and inevitability: The alarm system informs the AccessManager whether arming is permitted

Furthermore, the switching authorisation can be configured at user level:

The following options are available:

  • The user has no switching authorization: If the alarm system is armed, this user would not have authorization to open the door
  • The user may disarm the system: A booking at the door causes the system to be disarmed
  • The user may arm and disarm the system

Further descriptions can also be found on the SmartRelay module page.

The following circuit diagram shows the control with return channel and inevitability: