InlineMeter for 19" mounting (HE2) with 2 measurement channels for A+B supply

Nominal power, voltage

2x22.0kVA (A+B), 230/400V


Terminal block IN/OUT 6mm2, cable feed from left/right

Current measurement (calibrated)

Integrated, calibrated current measurement, accuracy class B (MID, EN 50470-3)
Min. current 250mA, max. current 32A

Residual current measurement (RCM)

Integrated AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement acc. to IEC 60664-1

±300mA/100mA (RMS), accuracy <0.2mA

Frequency range DC 0...2kHz

Internal power supply

Integrated power supply 230VAC/12-24VDC with tap on L1, fuse B10A (interlocked)

Connectivity + management

RS485 Modbus RTU (default settings: 19.2KB/8N1, adress meter: 1, adress RCM: 2

Up to 32 InlineMeter on PowerManager (Type: KPM-100)

Measurement and communication objects

Voltage (V) L1/L2/L3/total

Current (A) L1/L2/L3/total

Consumption (kWh) L1/L2/L3/total

Active power (W) L1/L2/L3/total

Apparent power (VA) L1/L2/L3/total

Reactive power (VAR) L1/L2/L3/total

Active factor (cos phi)

Frequency (Hz)

Phase monitoring L1/L2/L3

Residual current AC

Residual current DC

Display (LCD)

Illuminated LCD display (power, current, voltage, consumption)

Power dissipation

approx. 2x5W


Mounting frame powder-coated sheet metal, cover plastic PS

IP20 - acc. to EN60529 / DIN VDE 0470-1, higher protection class possible


88 x 483 x 161 mm  (HxWxD)


ca. 2.5kg

Environmental conditions

0°C to 55°C, humidity 5-95%, storage temperatur: -20°C to 60°C


CE (2014/30/EG, 2014/35/EG, 2011/65/EU)

Electrical security

DGUV-V3 Prüfung, VDE 0105-100


Serial number (bar code), inspection sticker DGUV-V3

Content of delivery

InlineMeter with plastic cover, inspection protocol