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Art.-No.: KXC-RA1, KXC-RA2 • Datasheet: DoorLock-RA (KXC-RA1/2)

The radio cabinet lock is a locking solution for simple equipment or conversion of IT racks or distribution cabinets. 
Online or offline operation is also possible with the cabinet lock. In online operation with AccessPoint, the lock can also be seamlessly integrated into existing Smart Access solutions.
The lock is supplied with various adapters and locking levers and can therefore be adapted to almost any IT rack.

The radio cabinet lock consists of the following components

  1. Fixing nut for the cabinet lock on the door
  2. Locking lever (various variants available, included in scope of delivery)
  3. lock washer
  4. Fixing nut for the closing lever
  5. operating lever
  6. fixing screw
  7. Manual wake-up button
  8. battery
  9. battery compartment

A special key is required to open the battery compartment and is available separately.

For the different cabinet types, the lock comes with 3 different locking levers. 

Here, after installation in the door and fixing the fitting to the door frame, it must be checked which of the variants fits best.

To install a Kentix radio cabinet lock, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Drilling
Holes are required in the door to fasten the cabinet lock as shown in the following drawing.

Depending on the cabinet type, drilling at the door is not necessary. For cabinets where there is already an opening after removing the existing locking lever, additional covers are available to cover the opening.

Step 2: Determining the opening direction

The direction of rotation of the actuating lever is determined by the position of the small screw on the mounting thread.

Screw screwed in laterally. Opening by turning the operating lever to the left.

Screw screwed in from below. Opening by turning the operating lever to the right.

Step 3: Assembly

Push the cabinet lock through the hole in the door and fix it with the aid of the fixing nut and fixing screw.

Then fix the locking lever and the lock washer with the fixing nut.

If necessary, the profiles must be underlaid before screwing in the fixing nut and fixing screw.

Wake up the online cabinet lock

In contrast to the other Smart Access devices, the cabinet lock must be woken up by a button from idle mode. This is necessary during initial setup as well as during normal operation.

To wake up, press the button until the LED lights up. Only then hold the RFID token in front of the reading content.