Latest firmware versions for all IP-based Kentix devices up to 12/2017. The firmware update is performed via the Web GUI or the Kentix ControlCenter.


User manual for all devices up to 12/2017
AlarmManager-PRO/BASIC, MultiSensors, Accessories and Kentix DoorLock


ControlCenter incl. firmware (devices up to 12/2017)
Kentix ControlCenter (5.71.00), client software for AlarmManager configuration and SNMP-MIB

  • Windows 7
  • MacOS 10.10

Important! If you use MultiSensor-LAN/RACK, update these

please click on the current version!


Firmware MultiSensor-LAN (devices from 12/2017)

Firmware MultiSensor-LAN (5.63.01) and SNMP-MIB

Date: 16.02.2021


Firmware AlarmManager (devices up to 12/2017)

Firmware MultiSensor-RACK (5.61.00) and SNMP-MIB

Date: 07.05.2018