Integration is possible with almost any network camera.

The image recording functionality is based on the fact that the AlarmManager or AccessManager retrieves single pictures (snapshots) from the camera.
For this purpose, the corresponding HTTP(S) command for the respective camera model must be stored in the configuration of the Kentix device.

The HTTP command can be found either in the camera's user manual or online.
Without the corresponding HTTP command, the camera cannot be used with Kentix devices.

With some network cameras, third-party access to the camera must be allowed. 
The AlarmManager/AccessManager is only allowed to retrieve an image when a certain event occurs, when the anonymous access is activated.

The CGI command is different for all network camera manufacturers. 
The following table lists the most commonly used manufacturers including the required CGI commands.

/cgi-bin/jpg/image.cgi (Mobotix Move)