Scenarios of a possible system failure

  • Failure of the network

  • Failure of the PoE supply of the AccessManager / SmartRelay

  • Battery of locking component empty

  • Failure of an AccessManger / SmartRelay

Preventive measures for failure protection

  • Setting emergency access for selected users

If emergency access is activated for a user, the knob stores the respective identification number (RFID UID) of the employee.
If the radio connection between DoorLock and AccessManager is interrupted for one of the reasons mentioned above, the user can still get through the door.

  • Setting the battery range notifications

A staff notification can be created by e-mail so that the battery levels of the knobs are communicated on a weekly basis. 
If a knob or lever handle has reached a critical battery level, it is notified daily. 
In order for the notification to be sent, the e-mail configuration of the AccessManager must be activated beforehand.

  • Setting the daily backup and restore in case of device failure

Daily automatic backups provide a safeguard for the logbooks and configuration contents. In the event of a factory reset or replacement of a defective unit, all configurations can be restored directly.

  • Monitoring of the network and components with AlarmManager (incl. SMS) 

Network monitoring can be established via the combination between AlarmManager and AccessManager. If this connection is interrupted, the AlarmManager can send SMS or push messages in addition to e-mail notification.

  • UPS Protection of the locking system against power failure (especially WA systems)

To avoid a failure of the wired Kentix access components, they should be connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Emergency scenarios - What to do when nothing else works?

  • Opening of radio locking systems with system card

There is no master or all-access card that grants access to all knobs. However, with the Kentix DoorLock-DC Basic it is possible to book with the disassembly card and open the door by turning it.
Furthermore, resetting the knobs with the service key followed by re-learning the system cards can be the solution.

  • Use of the low-power adapter

If the battery of a DoorLock-DC Basic is empty and the locking pins are not in the "open" position, a low-power adapter must be used.
You can see how the low-power adapter is used in the following video:

  • What to do in case of a network or device failure?

If the network or the power supply via PoE fails, no wired devices can be used. In such a case, the above-mentioned emergency access is indispensable in order to be able to book at the knobs or door handles.

However, the offline function of the knobs can also be used subsequently. For this purpose, RFID tokens can be taught-in directly on the knob with the help of the service key.
In this case, it is absolutely necessary to guarantee access to the system cards.