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Art-No: KPMDU-RC-xxyyC13C19-x-xx • Datasheet: SmartPDU

  1. Network connection (PoE) and Kentix system socket, integrated sensors
  2. Connection area 3 (L3) with fuse C10/C16
  3. Connection area 2 (L2) with fuse C10/C16
  4. Connection area (L1) with fuse C10/C16
  5. Ammeter with display (MID calibrated) and residual current monitoring (RCM)
  6. Power connection depending on type, 5-pole 16/32A or 3-pole 32A, cable length 3m

The SmartPDU is used for powering end devices in data or network cabinets while monitoring power, consumption data, and the environment. The SmartPDU is network based and like all ethernet capable Kentix devices, is equipped with a Kentix system socket to connect additional peripherals.

The basic structure of the SmartPDU is always the same, they differ mainly in the connection and socket configuration.

The installation is carried out in the following steps:


  1. Mount the SmartPDU in the designated position (left/right) in the IT cabinet using the supplied screws and brackets.
  2. Connect SmartPDU to power supply. Ensure that the connector is firmly and correctly seated.
  3. Connect the PDU to Ethernet and wait until the operation LED is GREEN.
  4. Activate and lock fuses.
  5. Connect loads, ideally use connectors with V-Lock latching.
  6. Ensure that the three areas (outer conductor L1/2/3) are evenly loaded and divide the loads accordingly.

Assignment of the Kentix system socket

System socket (Type: RJ45)Contact assignment

  1. Internal system voltage (GND) - not for external use*
  2. Output 1 (open collector, max 100mA)
  3. Output 2 (open collector, max 100mA)
  4. External voltage / ModBus-A - not for external use*
  5. External voltage / ModBus-B - not for external use*
  6. Input 1 (potential-free wiring)
  7. Input 2 (potential-free wiring)
  8. Internal system voltage (5VDC) - not for external use*

*These connections are for internal use only

The wiring should only be done by experts with electrotechnical knowledge. Wrong wiring can lead to short-circuits and defects.

For external wiring of the Kentix system socket we always recommend to use an I/O-Adapter [Art: KIO3].