Art.-No.: KXC-LE • Datasheet: Door-Lock-LE KXC-LE

The radio door lever has an RFID reader just like the knob. With the lever handle, the electronics are fully integrated into the handle. It can be operated both with and without AccessManager (online / offline operation).

How to setup a new lever for the first time?


Step 1: Mounting the square spindle

Push the square (3) completely onto the retaining pin of the door handle (1) and into the square receptacle.

Insert the coiled spring pin (2) into the square and press it into the square with pliers until the pin is flush with the square. The square is now firmly connected to the door handle.

Step 2: Fit square

Insert the square spindle of the electronic lever handle into the square socket of the lock.

Step 3: Mark drill holes

Place the enclosed drilling template on the square, align horizontally and punch the hole markings.

Step 4: Drilling

Pull out the square spindle again and drill holes with a diameter of 8 - 8.5 mm at the marked points. ATTENTION: Do not drill into or through the lock case!


Step 5: Mounting the electric lever handle

Insert the square spindle of the electronic lever handle back into the square socket of the lock. Insert the lever handle holder of the mechanical lever handle from the other side and screw it through the door leaf using the fixing screws with the electronic lever handle.


The enclosed screws are designed for doors with greater door thickness. Before screwing in, make sure that the screws have to be shortened to avoid damaging the rosettes!

Step 6: Mounting the mechanical lever handle

Insert the mechanical lever handle in horizontal position.

With the door handle pointing to the right, tighten the rosette to the left, guide it over the handle holder and allow the bayonet catch to engage.

Tighten the rosette to the right accordingly for door handles pointing to the left.

Step 7: Fixing the mechanical lever handle

Screw in the locking screw on the underside of the rosette and tighten it firmly.

Step 8: Check functionality

When the door is open, check that the lever handle is functioning properly and running smoothly. Hold an authorised key in front of the reading unit.

When the door handle is engaged, the latch of the lock must be fully immersed in the lock case when the latch is pressed down.

Battery Change

  1. Using the Allen key provided, countersink the screw on the inside of the door handle.

  2. Remove the gripping sleeve.

  3. Insert the gripping sleeve back.
  4. Remove the used battery and insert the new battery, paying attention to the polarity. The minus pole of the battery faces towards the gripping sleeve.

  5. If the door handle is used outdoors, then replace the sealing ring of the door handle