The MultiSensor is equipped with various individual sensors. In order to ensure optimum evaluation and functional cooperation of the sensors, please observe the following basic mounting instructions:

  • Do not mount over radiators or air outlets or direct heat/cold sources.
  • Avoid moving objects such as fans, plants, trees, flags, etc. in the detection field.
  • Do not cover the sensor. The PIR sensor always requires direct visual contact for detection.
  • Do not install in the direct air flow of air conditioning units.

Detection range of the integrated PIR motion detector

The detection distance of the integrated PIR sensor (Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor) is approx. 10-12 meters.

Calibration of the temperature / humidity sensor

Kentix MultiSensors record all important ambient values of a room. The purpose is to signal and alarm when a defined threshold value is exceeded.
Kentix MultiSensors are not calibrated devices. The exact measurement of values such as temperature or humidity up to one or more decimal places is not provided.

The MultiSensor can be calibrated after installation in order to achieve a good measurement result with traceable values in the event of an alarm. The device should be calibrated after 10 minutes of operation.

For this purpose, the room air temperature (IMPORTANT! Do not use an infrared thermometer) must be determined in the immediate vicinity of the MultiSensor. If a deviation is detected, the sensor can be recalibrated by entering the determined difference between MultiSensor and measuring device as an offset in whole degrees in the corresponding field in the configuration mask of the sensor.

The correction also has a direct influence on the relative humidity.

Depending on the orientation of the MultiSensor (e.g. wall mounting, test operation with lateral position or housing cover facing upwards) and the conditions (air conditioning) in the room, a correction of several degrees may be necessary. Please note that calibration should only be carried out after installation. If the position of the MultiSensor is changed, it may have to be recalibrated.