Art.-No.: KXC-KN4 • Datasheet: KXC-KN4

The DoorLock-DC PRO (KXC-KN4) has an electrically free-standing knob (approx. 31mm) on one side and a mechanically fixed knob on the other side. The electronics are completely internal and the knob is nickel-plated brass. The KN4 is available in two versions, one for inside doors and one for outside doors. Both versions have resistance class 2 in accordance with DIN 18252 and couple in somewhat faster. The KN4 is therefore particularly suitable for end doors or doors with increased access frequency or increased security. The variant for external doors (IP66) also has weather protection. Due to its small electronic knob, the DoorLock-PRO is particularly suitable for metal frame doors, as there is sufficient clearance to open the door even with small backsets.

How to setup a DoorLock-DC-PRO?

Dimensions DoorLock KXC-KN4

The lengths A and B are different depending on the cylinder required. To find out which cylinder length to use the following guide can be used: Dimensioning help for locking cylinder


  1. Insert the battery removal tool in the spot marked on the knob cover.
  2. With the battery removal tool in place, remove the knob cover.
  3. Remove the used battery and insert the new battery, paying attention to the polarity
  4. Push the knob cover as far as it goes onto the knob, so that the marked spot on the knob cover aligns with the protruding plastic part on the knob.

  1. The knob cover has to be inserted such that only the rubber seal is visible. If this is not the case, hold the knob and turn the knob cover back and forth till the knob cover can be inserted up to the rubber ring
  2. Insert the battery removal tool at the marking on the knob cover and push it together onto the knob as far as it goes. Remove the battery removal tool from the knob cover and check whether it is seated firmly on the knob by pulling the knob cover.