The Kentix MulitSensor has essentially two different tasks, the 4-factor early fire detection and the people counting. Which sensor version (40° or 90°) you choose depends largely on the mounting height and the application purpose.
For 80% of all applications in the field of early fire detection or people counting (flow and presence counting), the 90° sensor is the right solution. For special applications or installation conditions, the following aspects must be taken into account for the respective task areas.

4-factor early fire detection

  • The greater the distance between sensor and object, the larger the pixels become. The pixel size for early fire detection should not exceed 300 x 300 mm, which corresponds approximately to a mounting height of 4.5 m of the MultiSensor-TI-90°.
  • The smaller the pixel size, the more accurate the resolution of the infrared sensor.

People counting

  • If only a low mounting height is available, the MultiSensor-TI-90° is ideal for people counting.
  • The MultiSensor-TI-40° is only suitable for people counting from an installation height of 4 m.
  • For people counting, not 1024 pixels are used, but only 512.

Here you can calculate the area that is monitored by your MultiSensor-TI. In the first step, select your model (40° or 90°) and enter the distance to the area that is monitored. You will then see the monitored area and the size of the individual pixels.


The following calculation is for guidance only! Due to different physical phenomena of the optics, there are blurred areas in the corners of the thermal image!