The Kentix SmartXcan is shipped with the DHCP option enabled by default. If the SmartXcan is integrated in your network and DHCP is also active there, the SmartXcan will receive its own IP address.
The IT department of your company can provide you with the assigned IP address directly.

If this service is not possible, you can find out the IP address as follows.


  1. Scan the QR code on the back of the SmartXcan to obtain the MAC address of the unit
  2. Open the CMD control of your computer
  3. Enter the following command. IMPORTANT: Replace the colons of the MAC address with a "-"(minus) symbol and confirm with "Enter".
    arp -a | find /i "XX-XX-XX-..."
  4. In the CMD window you can now read the IP address
  5. Under the IP address you can now reach the SmartXcan

The SmartXcan is always accessible under the default IP, unless your network is in the same address field!