The Kentix SmartXcan can also be set up where there is no PoE-enabled switch.
To operate the SmartXcan in a room without a network connection a PoE injector is required.

The PoE injector is currently only available as EU version!

The following diagram shows the stand-alone operation:

  1. The PoE injector is plugged into the socket
  2. With a patch cable (included in delivery) you connect the PoE injector (POE connector) with the Kentix SmartXcan (LAN-PoE connector)

After system startup and sensor warm-up, the Kentix SmartXcan is ready for use.

Calibration in stand-alone operation

To calibrate the SmartXcan or perform system updates, a computer/notebook can be connected via a LAN cable to the LAN socket of the PoE injector!