The limit values of the individual temperature ranges for no fever, slightly elevated body temperature, elevated body temperature and high body temperature can be selected as desired.

  1. Temperature scale with 8x LED for temperature indication in four temperature ranges
    1. LEDs 1-5 GREEN: Body temperature ok (36,5°C to 37,4°C)
    2. LEDs 1-6 REDBody temperature slightly increased (37.5°C to 38.0°C)
    3. LEDs 1-7 REDslight fever (38.1°C to 39°C)
    4. LEDs 1-8 REDhigh fever (from 39.1°C)

These settings are made in the SmartXcan web interface, see Basic Functions SmartXcan


Above 38 degrees Celsius, health authorities (e.g. the "US Center for Disease Control" US Department of Health) assume a fever.