The device is delivered in calibrated condition. Depending on the application and guidelines an annual calibration must be carried out. For the calibration of the infrared measuring system, there is a special calibration procedure in the software interface which simplifies the process considerably. For calibration, an additional infrared calibrator (black body) with an emitter surface of min. 120mm diameter and an emission value of ℇ=0.95 is required. Calibration is performed at exactly 35°C calibrator surface and 250mm distance between housing surface and calibrator surface. The IR lens must be aligned centrally to the calibrator surface. The calibration process is automatically executed and confirmed in the software interface after starting.

If you have started calibration of the Kentix SmartXcan without using an ideal calibration setup, the process can be reset.


You can also send the device to the Kentix factory service to perform the calibration.