Art-No: KMS-TI-90-B, KMS-TI-90-W, KMS-TI-40-B, KMS-TI-40-W   Datashett: MultiSensor-TI

The MultiSensor-TI is equipped with a 1024 pixel thermal image sensor and can detect heat radiating objects (e.g. people, machines, plantsI ) in moving or static state. The MultiSensor-TI can also be operated in stand-alone mode without AlarmManager. A web server is integrated for configuration in stand-alone mode, which allows you to configure and operate the device via the network using a web browser. Integration into network management systems is easily possible via the SNMP software interface.

On the following pages you can find more information and FAQs about the Kentix MultiSensor-TI

MultiSensor-TI Front

  1. Status LED

    1. GREEN: POWER OK, no alarms pending

    2. RED: POWER OK, Alarms pending

  2. Thermal image sensor with appropriate optics
    1. 40°x40° Field of view (ART: KMS-TI-40-B)
    2. 90°x90° Field of view (ART: KMS-TI-90-B)

MultiSensor-TI Back

  1. Reset button: For resetting the device to the factory settings
  2. Mounting bracket: To remove, lift the tab and pull the bracket towards the tab
  3. Default Settings: Standard IP address and access data

MultiSensor-TI Connections

  1. Kentix System Import: Connection for extension sensors

  2. LAN connection for network and power supply via PoE (Class 2)

  3. SD card slot for Micro SD cards up to 128GB (not included)

Connection to Computer

Connect the LAN socket of the MultiSensor-TI to a PoE-enabled switch using a LAN cable. Also establish a network connection between your PC and this switch.
 Set the IP address of your PC to e.g. "" and you can reach the MultiSensor via the web interface at the address