Art.-Nr.: KXC-WA6-IP1• Datenblatt: KXC-WA6-IP1

The frame reader is suitable for e.g. electric door openers, electric locks, electric door and gate drives or elevators. The entire electronics are located on a compact unit which can be easily mounted. Due to its compact design, the reader is particularly suitable for use with narrow metal profiles. Locking authorizations can be assigned from a central location and can be accessed at exposed, remote locations.

A SmartRelay (KXP-2-RS) is required to use the frame reader. Information on the relay and circuit diagrams including examples can be found here: Kentix SmartRelay (KXP-2-RS)

Frame reader front

Terminal Assignment

110-30V/DC, max. 3,5VA
3RS485 Data "A"
4RS485 Data "B"

DIP-Switch Backside

DIP-Switch Function
1Address 1 (1=ON, 2=OFF)
2Address 2 (1=OFF, 2=ON)
5Baudrate (ON)
6Terminating resistor