Connectable devices

Kentix!OS, stand-alone operation with integrated web server (HTTPS)

Connection via network to AlarmManager-PRO

Sensor - Temperature

Range -40 to 85°C / -40 to 185°F (accuracy ± 0,5°)

Sensor - Relative humidity

Range 0 to 100% (accuracy ± 3%)

Sensor - Dew point

Calculated in °C/°F

Sensor - IR thermal array

1024 pixel infrared array, measuring range -40 to 1,000°C, detection cone depending on type: 40° or 90°, range up to approx. 6m,

Measurement: temperature image, motion/direction of motion, object detection

Sensor - Vibration

3-axis acceleration sensor with position detection (sensitivity adjustable), measuring range 1-5G

Sensor - Carbon monoxide (CO)

0-1.000ppm measurement ± 10%, Internal resolution: 20-1.000ppm (0-100%), Lifetime 10 years

Sensor - Air quality (VOC)Measurement according to IAQ (Index for Air Quality), IAQ value 0-500 according to IAQ table*
Sensor - Air pressureMeasuring range 300 - 1.100hPa, height above sea level

Sensor - External alarm input

2 x alarm input (e.g. Armed-Active, Always-Active)

Dry contact wiring via separate KIO1/KIO3 power adapter


85dB, 2.3kHz

External alarm output

2 x alarm input (e.g. armed-active, continuous-active alarm). Wiring with dry-contacts via separate KIO3 power adapter


ALARM (red), RUN (green)

LINK/ACT at the LAN jack

Ethernet (LAN)

10/100Mbit LAN connection, Integrated web server (HTTPS, Port: 443) with server certificate

SD card

Integrated micro SD card holder as additional storage for image recording, up to 128 GB


SNMP V2/3 (write/read), SNMP Traps (Simple Network Management Protocol)

ReST APIReST API with JSON objects (HTTPS), Webhooks with free data structure

Power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE)

12-72VAC/DC power consumption ca. 1.5W, PoE class 1

KENTIX system jack

RJ45, for power supply and connection of external IO-modules (KIO1/KIO3 power adapter required)


Material: PS 90 x 90 x 45 mm, Weight: approx. 100g

Color: White, Black

Environmental conditions

Temperature 0 - 50°C / 32 - 122°F

Humidity 5-95%, non-condensing


KMS-TI-B (Chassis Black)

KMS-TI-W (Chassis White)

Content of delivery

Mount bracket, mount material, slim line cable 3m


PoE Injector (KPOE150S)

PowerAdapter with power supply (KIO3)

Leakage sensor (KLS03)

Dust-Dirt Sensor (KDS01)



Measurement of air quality according to IAQ Index*

IAQ Index

Air Quality

Impact (long-term exposure)

Suggested action

0 – 50


Pure air; best for well-being

No measures needed

51 – 100


No irritation or impact on well-being

No measures needed

101 – 150

Lightly polluted

Reduction of well-being possible

Ventilation suggested

151 – 200

Moderately polluted

More significant irritation possible

Increase ventilation with clean air

201 – 250

Heavily polluted

Exposition might lead to effects like headache depending on type of VOCs

optimize ventilation

251 – 350

Severely polluted

More severe health issue possible if harmful VOC present

Contamination should be identified if level is reached even w/o presence of people; maximize ventilation & reduce attendance

> 351

Extremely polluted

Headaches, additional neurotoxic effects possible

Contamination needs to be identified; avoid presence in room and maximize ventilation