The Master/Slave mode offers the possibility to designate a selected unit as the managing body. All settings, network configurations as well as user definitions and alarm paths are defined via this unit.
This offers the possibility to manage and monitor several units via a single unit.
Through synchronisation, all settings are applied to the slaves so that they have the same status as the master.

The master can be both a PowerManager and a SmartPDU.


By default, both the PowerManager and the SmartPDU are set to MASTER.

To define a unit as a slave, you must configure the following:

  1. In the web interface of the SmartPDU, navigate to the Configuration menu and select the Master/Slave Mode tab.
  2. Now select the item Slave and enter the IP address of the master.
    The web interface of the slave then changes, as the main configuration is now carried out via the master.

In the web interface of the master, you must now configure the following:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration menu and select the Master/Slave Mode tab.
  2. In the area Linked slaves, add the respective slaves via the + symbol.
    Enter the corresponding name and the IP address of the slave in the fields.

The communication key (Configuration → General) must be identical for all units in the master/slave system. The units must be in the same network

Performing updates

In master/slave mode, you have the option of carrying out a so-called mass update. In this way, you can automatically update all slaves one after the other and only have to update the master manually last.
To start the mass update, the following steps must be carried out:

  1. An SD card is required so that you can store the respective update files on the master. This is inserted into the unit.
  2. You can download the update files HERE
  3. Unpack the downloaded files!
  4. Now navigate to the System menu and select the SD card tab. Now load the respective firmware file for the Kentix PDU or the Kentix PowerManager (.bin - file) onto the SD card.
  5. In the Master/Slave mode menu, you can now start the mass update by clicking on the ↻ symbol. All slaves are now updated and restarted one after the other.
  6. After the last slave has been updated, you can now update the master. To do this, navigate to the System menu and select the Update tab. First create a backup! Now select the firmware file for the master device and start the update. This step can take up to 5 minutes.